Shelled Corn / Wood Pellets

    We Currently have Shelled Corn ready for pick up. 

A Great Source of Heating Fuel for your Multi-Fuel Stove


 Wood Pellets - We Sell Barefoot Pellets and Easy Heat Wood Pellets by the Bag or by the Pallet.

                                                     Barefoot Wood Pellets

Barefoot Pellets are a blend of 100% hardwoods. Our sawdust comes from our own facilities or from another facility that has passed our stringent testing procedures. Barefoot is now available in 40lb bags  for your convenience. 

                                                  Easy Heat Premium Wood Pellets

Easy Heat premium grade wood fuel pellets are made only from 100% wood created by lumber industry by-products. This makes our pellets a recycled source of energy since the wood we use to make them would otherwise end up in landfills. And because they are a clean biomass energy source, they are better for the environment than burning fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal.

When you use Easy Heat, you’re using the best wood fuel pellets available on the market today. Our 100% wood formulation produces high BTUs, low ash, and drastic savings in energy usage and heating costs. We employ exacting quality control measures throughout our production process, including ash and fines content testing, to ensure that every bag of our wood fuel pellets live up to their “premium grade” name and perform as promised.

Wood pellets burn cleaner, are more convenient, and easier to store than firewood. They produce significantly less ash and particulate waste than firewood, and a ton of wood fuel pellets can easily be stored in a 4’ x 4’ space.

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